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CUFA 2019 Call for Submissions has been released!

The call for proposal submissions for CUFA 2019 in Austin, Texas was released on Tuesday, January 8th and can be found in its entirety here as well as on the official conference website. Submissions are due on Friday, March 8th at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time at For detailed descriptions of the types of sessions available and required proposal formatting, click here. If you have any questions, please email cufa2019conference (at) gmail (dot) com.
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It's almost time for the call for proposals...

The call for submissions for CUFA 2019 will be released VERY soon. It continues in the tradition of the last several CUFA conferences by asking participants how we might move the field forward and engage with classrooms, communities, and activists in innovative ways that reiterate the NCSS 2019 theme of Informed Action. This year's call includes a few big changes from past conferences, so read it carefully and email if you have any questions.


I write this welcome message on the final day of NCSS 2018, in anticipation of the work that lies ahead for those of us with the privilege and responsibility of planning CUFA and NCSS 2019 in Austin, Texas. I first want to thank our fearless CUFA 2018 leaders, Chair Alex Cuenca and Program Chair Chris Busey, who created an uplifting, inspiring and diverse conference that truly illuminated the tremendous amount of scholarship in the field of social studies education. Drawing from Chris' conference vision, Expanding the intellectual contours of social studies education in troubling times, as well as the many program chairs who preceded him, such as my dear friends and colleagues Brooke Blevins and Sarah Shear, we intend to continue highlighting innovations in our field while also considering how to move the field forward in our complex world and current political climate. We will regularly update this unofficial conference website to support CUFA members as they prepare for our Aus…